The 3 Levels To A Warriors Mindset: Part 1

Today's health and wellness topic is one that follows the previous one based on environmental factors, but it is learning that you have 3 sections to your mind.

They are broken down into the following categories:

  1. Zan Shin - Remaining Spirit
  2. Mu Shin - Mind Without Mind
  3. Fu Do Shin - Immovable Mind

We will cover the first one today, and dive deeper into the states of mindfulness in the next few weeks.

Zan Shin is translated as ‘Remaining Spirit’ and refers to a vigilant, all-encompassing awareness. Zan shin is being fully present in the here and now. The mind is fully aware of its surroundings and in a state of ever-readiness – unattached, yet present to the task at hand. It is the one that we in modern society have the hardest time reconnecting with because of all the bombardment in the world.

From work, to school, to bills and other stressors we have become a world that is so connected that we are disconnected from ourselves. We have lost the ability to be observant, aware and vigilant. It is pretty much because of the softening of the modern routine in our daily lives. Modern life has made it easy to become dull with our awareness. In fact, due to the constant bombardment of our senses to different frequencies this has sacrificed our adaptive nature and made it worse for us to acclimate properly to stress or shift our focus.

How do you test to see where your mindset is currently? Go into a quiet room, sit down or lay down and see how many thoughts, worries, fears or pains come to mind. If there is a constant bombardment of flowing thoughts in your mind and you can't really find a way to turn them off then there is something deeply crossed with your mindset.

The first level of controlling awareness is to close your eyes and focus on listening to something in the next room. It could be a person, animal, birds on the roof or anything off in a distance. The more aware you become the more you can hear that focused sound and everything that accompanies it.

Now, most times you will have a thought come into the way of your thought process and it blocks what you are listening to, so view the thought, but don't let it distract you from your focus on that sound. Practice this a few times a day, and you'll see this area of your mental focus will begin to sharpen, and you'll have mastered the first level of the remaining spirit.

Practice and drop me a note if you like. :)



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