Is it time to silence your alerts?

We have all experienced the thrill of having messages appear on your phone. Someone has sent you a new message on messenger, your birthday has come about and everyone that you have not heard from all year decides to wish you a happy birthday, your yoga app has a new update on the crow pose, and you can't wait to try it. Your day is full of sounds, little red icons, and vibrations. The summary of all these things happening to us daily is that we are being conditioned. Let me give you a little background on what I mean.

When we are born and come out of our mother's womb, we are looking for signals. We see the signs of light, sound, touch, rocking, and movement as our lifelines. We become adept at taking in those sounds as we develop. We learn about yes and no and who the people in our lives are and who are not. We learn what it feels to speak and the tones that come from that along with the balancing act that is learning to put your head up, crawl, walk or even fall. We take into...

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Finding peace and meaning in movement

Often time the great sages spoke about doing without doing, seeing without seeing and being without being. However, many times individuals will take that to heart and won't take action or practice their forms as needed. The most prominent lesson here is that while stillness is the practice, there is always movement. Actual non-movement leads to rigor mortis in which no life escapes you. To pull that away from the superficial and ideological I would like to begin with this question.

Can movement and stillness exist at the same time?

It is a complex process to get into finite terms but the reality of the matter is that yes it can. Let's take sleep for instance and divulge the aspects that you are still for the majority of the night if you sleep well, yet, deep down there is a stillness of breath and fluid movement that is keeping you alive while allowing your body to detoxify and heal itself. Hence the power of breathing and breath movements such as of that in Qigong and other...

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The 3 Levels To A Warriors Mindset: Part 3

Hi everyone,

Today we will cover the last part of the series on the three levels of a warrior's mindset, so I hope you have enjoyed it thus far. 

Now we have spoken about the previous states of mind and how they relate to each disposition, but I will do a quick review for those who have just tuned into this series. 

State of mind 1: Zan Shin is translated as ‘Remaining Spirit’ and refers to a vigilant, all-encompassing awareness. 

State of mind 2: Mu Shin means ‘Mind Without Mind,’ or the state of No Mind. Mu Shin is a state of spontaneity that allows immediate action without conscious thought. 

Now the state of mind three is known as Fu Do Shin.

Fu Do Shin is the ‘Immovable Mind.’ It is the mind that has met all challenges of life and has attained a state of complete composure. This state of mind cannot easily be disturbed by confusion, anger, doubt, or fear. It is the calm in the center of the storm.

Have you...

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Stagnation & Disease: Part 2- Stagnation Vortex


Hello again friends,
Today I would like to speak to you about stagnation and how it can be the unknown silent killer of your overall health.

Consider your body is a liquid life form exchanging fluids at every turn. It doesn’t matter if it is hormones, blood, lymph, neurological chemicals all while holding itself together. The human body is amazing.

Understanding also that the body has over 600 muscles that work on train tracks called anatomy trains that dictate not only tensile function but also meridian flow to enhance bipedal motion. You should be amazed at how you as a human remain not only alive but also at how you work in your daily life. Adding the undercurrent of meridians that essentially are the nerve pathways coming from every elemental organ system you have in your body, then you can see how complicated we truly are as humans.

Lastly, the opposable thumbs make for a new neuron track that is only available in the upper plexus of the body in people, especially for fine...

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