Finding peace and meaning in movement

Often time the great sages spoke about doing without doing, seeing without seeing and being without being. However, many times individuals will take that to heart and won't take action or practice their forms as needed. The most prominent lesson here is that while stillness is the practice, there is always movement. Actual non-movement leads to rigor mortis in which no life escapes you. To pull that away from the superficial and ideological I would like to begin with this question.

Can movement and stillness exist at the same time?

It is a complex process to get into finite terms but the reality of the matter is that yes it can. Let's take sleep for instance and divulge the aspects that you are still for the majority of the night if you sleep well, yet, deep down there is a stillness of breath and fluid movement that is keeping you alive while allowing your body to detoxify and heal itself. Hence the power of breathing and breath movements such as of that in Qigong and other...

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The 3 Levels To A Warriors Mindset: Part 2

Hello everyone,
Today we will be discussing with you how to use your mind as an anchor instead of an accelerant when processing thoughts through your day. The process is named Mu Shin.

Mu Shin means ‘Mind Without Mind,’ or the state of No Mind. Mu Shin is a state of spontaneity that allows immediate action without conscious thought. “Mu” means “emptiness.” The mind is empty in the sense that it is void of fear, anger, worries and various other preoccupations. The absence of these distractions creates the space for increased awareness and clarity. Mushin is often referred to as “the zone,” – a relaxed state of peak performance.

Have you ever seen anyone in the zone? If you look back at famous fighters such as Mike Tyson in his prime or Baseball and Football player, Bo Jackson who played professionally at both levels. You can see the zone. It is not a reflex, but an anchor point of being. Learning to do without doing is something...

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Blue light, hormones, and disease: Part 1


Ever since the post-nuclear age, the revolution of industry sciences has been pushing more stimulus onto the social structure for the name of progress. The aforementioned has not been limited to electronic development. Modernization has been one of those factors that have pushed the envelope in which the bias of testing for long-term results versus comfort and apparent benefits. That brings us to the topic today of blue light and its effects on health.

Current society averages state that humans spend an average of 11 hours a day in front of some electronic devices. This is not limited to cell phones, computers, and TV. Technically, speaking that is ~46% of your day spent in front of a screen of some type. Meaning that the modern child now spends about half their time being bombarded by new forms of photoelectric factors.

The most ominous of these factors is blue light. Why is it the most ominous? It is because our bodies naturally respond to its stimulation during the waking...

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