Is it time to silence your alerts?

We have all experienced the thrill of having messages appear on your phone. Someone has sent you a new message on messenger, your birthday has come about and everyone that you have not heard from all year decides to wish you a happy birthday, your yoga app has a new update on the crow pose, and you can't wait to try it. Your day is full of sounds, little red icons, and vibrations. The summary of all these things happening to us daily is that we are being conditioned. Let me give you a little background on what I mean.

When we are born and come out of our mother's womb, we are looking for signals. We see the signs of light, sound, touch, rocking, and movement as our lifelines. We become adept at taking in those sounds as we develop. We learn about yes and no and who the people in our lives are and who are not. We learn what it feels to speak and the tones that come from that along with the balancing act that is learning to put your head up, crawl, walk or even fall. We take into...

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What is your Nindo?

Hello dear members,

Today I was speaking with someone about joy and I thought that you would benefit from this thought, so here it comes. :)

We often get sucked in by the daily task and things that need to happen for survival. I mean when was the last time you saw someone sat in traffic and smiling with extreme joy? It is a rare sight. In fact, you are more likely to see a dodo roaming around the side of the road than you are to find someone who is sat in bumper to bumper traffic just glowing. (Least here in the big city)

Yet, when we find a deeper sense of joy things change. That deeper sense of joy is often in our hearts and it is what allows us to tick through the day. Yet, we modern humans are absolutely notorious for burying it in life and things to do.

We forget the flow of joy because, in reality, joy is a liquid concept that can go from one place to another in our lives, but we confine it because we think it is only one thing or exist in one place. The fact of the...

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