Blue light, hormones, and disease: Part 1


Ever since the post-nuclear age, the revolution of industry sciences has been pushing more stimulus onto the social structure for the name of progress. The aforementioned has not been limited to electronic development. Modernization has been one of those factors that have pushed the envelope in which the bias of testing for long-term results versus comfort and apparent benefits. That brings us to the topic today of blue light and its effects on health.

Current society averages state that humans spend an average of 11 hours a day in front of some electronic devices. This is not limited to cell phones, computers, and TV. Technically, speaking that is ~46% of your day spent in front of a screen of some type. Meaning that the modern child now spends about half their time being bombarded by new forms of photoelectric factors.

The most ominous of these factors is blue light. Why is it the most ominous? It is because our bodies naturally respond to its stimulation during the waking times of the day. It isn't bad that we are sensitive to it because it allows us to find a hormonal balance so that we are awake when we need to be. The problem comes with any stimulant is CEOT (Constant Exposure Over Time), and that is where we begin to see the degradation of the human physiology.

You see, we need a balance between melatonin and cortisol as demonstrated in the graphic below.

Biological clock human

The dance between melatonin and cortisol is an effective way of balancing healing, blood pressure, cardiovascular efficiency and body temperature. Without those factors, we become more prone to genetic expression of disease and or energy loss. In traditional Chinese medicine, this is called leaky channels or leaky qi. Qi is the essential energy source of Jin Ye (body fluids) and when there is an overstimulation if any of the paths you run into a degradation of energy, life force, and flow.  

However, there are a few ways in which you right now can boost your energy in healthy ways while modulating electronic effects on your overall body.

The first one is using the settings of your phone to reduce the emissions of blue light. This can be done on the iPhone through the settings in Night Shift, which reduces the blue light and turns it into an amber colored hue to minimize effects. What I also do is have a reduction of white balance and also tint the phone for night time use to a red hue. This way it is optimized via software to minimize the overall effects of the light at night. You can set those options up in your accessibility settings. I am sure, Android has similar options, but I am not familiar with them, so I won't even pretend to know anything about them. :)

Next, on my Mac, I have Flux installed within my operating system. This will allow you to modify your screen through software again and reduce the overall blue light through the day. I have the custom settings on and have the first option of daytime slid all the way to the left. Meaning that it is an amber color throughout the day and as the night approaches it will grow even more intense. The next option is having your menus set to night time so that it switches the overall upper menu into a block emission and still allows you to see your icons.

Overall, these options alone will minimize the effects of blue light and your overall hormonal level. I'll make a video to accompany this so that you can see the options within the iPhone, and Mac so you can see how I have my settings as well as where to go. :) Of course, I am writing this article as a new iOS is released, so bear with me if there are some challenges.

For now, I wish you an amazing day, and will speak with you soon.



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