Stagnation and disease: Part 3- The deep channels


In the following, I will discuss how I arrived at the practice of Qigong and why it changed the way I saw things in my life. It was not an instant miracle, but it did progressively get better. I will do my best to detail what was going on and how I began to overcome it.

Back in 2010, I remember waking up with what seemed to be a hangover. I can tell you that it was not a great sight as I was trying to find my way through the hallway, but I was running into things. What I didn't know at the time was that my eyes were doing their thing and the full matrix inside my body was having a hard time calculating distance. It reminded me of the Bozo show where they played the grand prize game. You remember the show, right? It was the one where they had a kid come in, and he tried to toss a ping pong into six different buckets, and if he reached bucket number 6, he won a 100 dollar bill and several prizes along the way. Sadly, the only awards I won were bruises. Besides that, I was having issues even finding my mouth to brush my teeth. I had just gotten a cleaning by a great dentist and even had all the amalgams removed from my mouth and replaced with natural resin. My body was totally on the fritz, however, so I went on to take some greens and drink some water.

I had left the program a few days before and was waiting for the new MS program to start, so I laid back down on the couch to close my eyes, and also to prevent myself from bouncing anymore. I began to remember one of my teachers in massage school talking about Qigong, and the benefits it had in stillness and healing. It was random, and I would practice only martial forms at the time, but it was a soothing memory. I decided to get my phone and look up some simple Qigong forms I could do laying down, and I had my phone read off the page to me. Yes, it was so bad that I couldn't read either. 

I did the exercise, and I felt the tension release a bit, so I said I would do it about three times a day to help myself keep moving forward. After about an hour or so, I got upright and felt like I could handle walking, and went on with my day. I was somewhat better, but my nervous system and the internal mechanics of my body were still frazzled greatly. I began to search for some deep meridian lines and did a self-massage routine to calm myself down. Likewise, I needed to get somewhere, so there was no other option than to keep pushing forward. Having visited my chiropractor that day, it helped some, but then on my way back, it got worse again. There is a point on your body, that is called the sea of tranquility, and it is right on your breastbone. I used that point to keep my breathing in check, and I finally got home in one piece.

I went to my room and began doing a pose from massage school that we learned when we started to do our stances. It is called the standing tree meditation. You, stand with your hands like you're hugging a big tree, do a slight squat and hold that position while breathing deeply into your dantian. I started to have some flashbacks to some things that were not too comfortable. My mind began to take me to places in my life that made me shiver, so I had to leave the pose and lay down for a bit. I began to question what that was, and after a few searches, I could see that there was some retracing of meridians going on.

As a gift, to end this session. I'd like to share with you this simple exercise to help you find peace in trying times.

The Standing Tree Meditation
— Stand comfortably with both feet facing forward
— Next, bend your knees slightly and let your head float up into the sky
— Bring attention to your ribs and center of your body while raising your hands and closing your eyes
— Pretend you are hugging a big tree making a circle with your arms without having them touch
— Lastly, stand in this position and breathe fully and deeply into your lower ribs
— Do this for about 10–20 breaths, letting your thoughts and mind find peace as you breathe


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