Stagnation & Disease: Part 1- Hijacking


One of the biggest issues that cause disease in the body is that of stagnation. You see, stagnation can occur in two ways in your life.

It can go from macro to micro and also the inverse. That is why the thoughts you think, the people you keep and the food you eat all matter. It is triangular in nature, and it makes up a small map of us as humans.

Today I’d like, to begin with, a concept introduced in the book Psycho-Cybernetics known as limbic hijacking. In a world that popularizes the constant growth of data and bombardment of the human organism, this center of the body has been hijacked by suppressive forces indoctrinated into us as children, teens, adults and virtually every relational variant in-between.

We have been programmed either to take orders, know our roles, or suppress the need to excel beyond a given standard. This leads to stagnation and congestion inside the upper dantian. The upper dantian will become overfilled with a constitution of stagnant energy, and we become “stuck in our heads” having cyclic thoughts that ruin most individuals from seeing beyond their actual scope of vision.

If you’ve ever seen a racehorse, you can see that when it has blinders on, the only thing important to it is forward movement. The racetrack is the world, and all it knows is cues and signals as to what it needs to do to survive or become the next can of dog food or glue.

As cruel as that is, this is the similar perspective most humans take on their lives. They have their senses hijacked, and they think they’re free, but in reality, they’re stuck with blinders of survival. Converting our possibility into a recorded loop of unaware action cycles that stick is deeper in the mud of limitation.

There is a simple exercise to override this stagnation, and it involves laying your hands on the front and back of your head at the same time, allowing the channels of the hands to be your circuit breakers.

Once you relax, your hands on your head, close your eyes and feel the detail of your hands in both areas. You’ll be able to see that both in the front and back they’re wholly unique in both temperature, texture, and form.

That is because your receptors of your skin have variants, and the ones in the front of your body will be way more detailed than the back. By bringing dual awareness to these parts at the same time, you introduce areas of drainage.

You do these things subconsciously and when in pain. Don’t believe me? Have you ever had a headache? Neck ache? Your body is trying to help you find relief, and this is just one of many ways.

Give it a try, and if you have questions, I’ll provide a brief set of directions at the end of the email. See you next week.


Exercise: Bridge Yin and Yang
— Place one hand, either palm or dorsally, on the front of your head.
— Place the other hand on the back of the center of your head. You’ll feel a small bump, and that’s where you want your palm.
— Breathe fully into the ribs and allow your breath to go down, out and backward.
— Repeat the breathing 10–15 times
— Let the breaths be naturally full and not forced
— Repeat it 2–3 times a day until racing thoughts begin to diminish


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