The Journey Of Simplification


Hi everyone,

I've been moving my list over to a new system, and have had a few hiccups as far as sending out e-mails, so if you have not heard from me in a while, then that is why. I have my team working on it, so hopefully, this will be resolved soon. That mostly has brought me to the topic today of simplification.

I have been working on simplifying my life in many ways, from bill management to environmental management. You may remember from my previous newsletter that I spoke about how your environment controls what manifest as stress or disease in your life.

In the latest conversations I have had with clients, I have begun to see that there is a true relationship with the key factors of stress in 3 areas that are prominent. Those areas are the stress you experience daily, the people you keep in your life, and the environmental stimuli you experience be it food or places you roam. These are critical factors and something that we as individuals need to take into account.

You may think you have it all under control. Hell, you may think that you have everything running smoothly, but the fact of the matter is that western society is driving a new set of compensation patterns into our lives that we have never experienced before. We in the United States specifically have spent the most on healthcare but are ranked at the bottom as far as overall health. That should be quite concerning. 

These facts have driven us to extremes. Folks are using dietary, emotional, and environmental means in ways to recover from life. I mean, when else have tiny houses, minimalism or disconnecting become so trendy? Why do people find they experience life in greater ways because of these processes? 

It is because of stimulation. If we look at modern society right now, we are stimulated by hundreds of thousands of aspects every day. From out phones vibrating, to the noises in the street to the shining lights and screens we have in our homes. We are bombarded by every factor known to modern man.

Post nuclear man is stimulated in ways that we have had a hard time adapting towards. I mean for folks my age, you can remember when we had corded phones and needed to call our friends but were stuck to a wall because the cord wasn't long enough? :) Now everyone has a portable computer within the palm of their hands. You can see the advancement of our technological systems by the release of the apple watch yesterday, which will allow you to make calls without the need of a phone. It is cool, but there is always a new risk with the said progression of technology.

These risk can be seen in the sequences of new cancers as well as the developments of neurological conditions that use up certain biological pathways. Now, you may be asking yourself, but Luis what does this have to do with minimalism? I'll tell you now. :)

Here's the challenge for modern society. We have become religiously addicted to overstimulation. If we are not busy, we feel like we are not living. In fact, we have dedicated ourselves to grinding 24/7 365 days a year. We all need a side hustle and to live our dreams according to most gurus, and if you don't have multiple projects in the air or 7-10 businesses running, then you don't want to be successful.

To be blunt, that is bull crap. As stated previously, we are now the sickest we have ever been due to this mentality. This is sent to you to challenge you in a way I have been challenging myself. Simplify. This means spending time making memories instead of acquiring things that will just drive you crazy in the long run. You don't need to work two jobs if you are already a mom. I have seen many mothers now who are asked what their dreams are, when in fact they just want to raise healthy kids and see them thrive. That is a full-time job in and of itself. For those who have the luxury to dedicate their entire energy to doing so, that is, but beyond that, you don't need to waste yourself away. 

You also should not go into the complete cognitive extreme where you wait for things to fall in your lap. The law of attraction as dictated by many authors is complete bunk. You need to put energy into something to see a reward. That is not that you only focus on work, but I can promise you that the theory of relativity, when refined by Einstein, did not write itself. It took imagination and also many years of dedication to get it to the state it was in towards the end of his life.

I digress to the point that this week's challenge is to simplify one thing. It doesn't matter what you do, and it doesn't matter what area of your life it is. However, what should be done is to find the areas that you feel the most stress in and break it down to make this week end much easier. You'll thank me later, I promise. :)

That's all for now. I will speak with you again next time. If you like this post or have any comments about topics, you'd like me to cover. Please send me a reply. I love hearing from you.

Speak soon,


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