An Open Letter: Honoring Your Path

Hello everyone,

If you have followed me for any span of time, you would know that I have been on a journey of not only teaching but also self-discovery. It has not been easy, in fact at many points it was downright painful. I had initially thrown myself into the realm of academia and taught at the college level for a few years while I sorted things out mentally. I hired tons of coaches, mentors, trainers, masters and the like to see where or what may have triggered me to make the choices I made in my life.

The question that it always came down to what is your gift and how can you live it?

Given, by academic standards I was accomplished and by my work and quality of my dedication to my clients both in the physical and virtual world I was always a person to call it down the middle, yet the idea of being a gift to the world had ever alluded me. I had a profession, but was that my gift? I decided to go back on the academic track and seek out a further coaching degree because frankly, I needed to learn and expand on what I thought I was missing or lacking understanding around.

The total of this journey over the last five years is close to 100,000 dollars, and that number is not something to brag about nor is it something that is needed for everyone.

The reality of the matter was that about halfway through my training I ran into a few coaches that asked me a few questions that changed my life. One of them being Philp McKernan, whom I regard as a tremendous intuitive coach, the others have been my mentor coaches such as Barefoot Doctor and other highly designated coaches. Now, this is not written to impress you, but it is written to impress upon you that if you find yourself still asking questions as to why you feel malaligned, then there is a more significant challenge than just working. The problem will be what will help you express your biological and spiritual truth to the world.

Honest curiosity is how you explore your life and its meaning.

We are all blessed with fabulous gifts. It doesn't matter how big or small. It is not even a matter of having your contributions pay the bills because I have seen many folks who are developing their gifts jump ship and all of a sudden find themselves between a rock and a hard place when they begin to resent their offerings because they did not have money to live. This is about finding ways to honestly express yourself daily.

It doesn't matter if it is once a day for an hour where you practice your designated area of truth or if you end up building your gift to such a level that you can make a living with it. This is about answering the question of are you using it and more importantly are you solving that deep calling within yourself.

That is why I have simplified what is offered on here and why I have built the online community we have today. Embrace Yourself Wellness (my company name) was not something that was chosen by accident. Initially, it was something that spoke to me deep within and allowed me to begin the process of genuinely embracing who I was beyond the standard of the world.

In a few days, I will announce the opening of 2 things within our healing community. The first will be the Embrace Yourself Wellness Center, which is a virtual center where you can apply mindfulness to movement, health, mindset and life with no judgment and without worrying about having to schedule a time to meet with me 1on1.

The second thing will be I will be offering a bi-weekly coaching package so that you can discover and ask better questions in your life with me at a scheduled time, two times a month. 

I'm not pulling any punches about these offerings, so if you have questions don't be afraid to ask me by replying to this e-mail. If you decide to unsubscribe because this triggered you or made you uncomfortable, then you are welcomed to do so. In fact, I will send you nothing but good wishes on the way out.

Anyhow, I am dedicated to you and your continued growth without the excessive pricetags many charge for holding space and offering guidance. I can relate to where many of you have been and more than anything I am ready to continue to help you keep moving forward.

How does this story end for me? Who knows, but I know that I will die with no regrets. 

Your journey is your journey for a reason, so honor it, live it and make your gifts count.

That's it for this week. I hope this has made you think.

Big Love,


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