Use ancient wisdom and modern day science to help you and your family heal

Without the excessive bills and personal feedback of a live community and live webinars


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How The Wellness Center Works

This is how the wellness center works and how you can get the most out of the service we provide.

Learn: Mindfulness and exercise postures that help heal and rebalance your body

Learning stillness practices enhances both the body, mind and spirit to heal. With these stillness postures you'll be able to increase the quality of your being and improve your overall strength and posture.

Apply: Use simple techniques to help common ailments and challenges weekly

In moving postures you'll learn how to move in your daily life with intention and purpose. You'll also learn how to undo many of the stress and strain patterns brought on by modern life. The goal is to reduce stagnation and improve vitality and health.

Practice: Track your progress, submit your specific questions and enjoy live sessions monthly

This will be the biggest factor for your forward motion. You will develop a practice based on the techniques shared every month. Be it mental, physical or emotional. The more you practice them the better your ability to use them daily will become.

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