Use this ancient art to begin to finding harmony, focus and health

Energy Work Demystified

 I have been practicing Qigong, Reiki, Taichi and other healing arts for over 10 years. Having studied under different masters, teachers and taken many in person courses I can tell you that the arts are powerful for your health.

In the energy arts there are two visual cues that happen and everyone can see and that is movement and stillness practices. However, looking deeper into it all the arts no matter if they seem still or movement based have the same principal and that is the development of energy.

Energy is all around us and within us and it can often get blocked by many of the things we encounter in daily life. My goal in your sessions is simple. To help you develop better movement of energy in less time so you can be your best.

There are no potions or tricks to it. If you give your body what it wants it will function optimally.

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